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Whether you are looking to get into the coffee industry or improve your coffee making skills at home, a barista course is a great way to learn more about coffee in general, but more importantly, it helps you make better coffee. The same applies to people who are already in the coffee industry looking to expand on their skills and knowledge. One thing is for sure, taking a barista course with one of Perth’s most experienced coffee professionals is a game changer that will have you make better coffee for good!

We offer you the opportunity to turn your passion into something special with our top barista training courses. Hosted by an expert with more than 10 years of experience, you can attend our Perth barista course in person or take a look at our online coffee school material.

More than 70,000 coffee professionals and enthusiasts join us each month online via the Coffeefusion YouTube channel! Online or at our barista course in Perth, discover what it takes to make a perfect cup of coffee, learn how to make great Espresso, what an Espresso recipe is, how to adjust the grind setting for balanced extraction or how to texture milk and how to properly look after your coffee making equipment. But there is so much more!

Perth Barista Course Location

Our barista training courses are held at:

Roasting Studio, 2/4 Bassendean Rd, Bayswater WA 6053

Barista Course Trainer

Gary Sawyer

Gary has worked in the coffee industry for more than 14 years. Starting out with barista jobs and getting into coffee roasting, Gary’s passion for all things coffee led to the inception of Coffeefusion. Having passed on his immense knowledge about coffee via his YouTube and social channels, Gary was keen to also teach people in person, following which he decided to create his own Perth barista courses. 


Besides his focus on making and selling amazing coffee, to this day, Gary remained committed to his mission:  Helping people DISCOVER – EXPLORE & EVOLVE their coffee making skills.

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Barista Courses

Here is a closer look at the barista training courses we currently offer. Come back and check again in the future as a new barista training courses will be added as they become available!

Barista 101 - Fundamentals of Coffee Course

Barista Course Perth

This barista short course will cover all the basics you need to learn to achieve high-quality coffee every time. In this coffee course you can learn about making a perfect Espresso, grinding, texturing milk, looking after your equipment and some popular espresso recipes including long blacks, flat whites, Lattes and Cappuccinos. With a maximum of five attendants per class, you can enjoy both theory and practical work.

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About Coffeefusion

Coffeefusion started on YouTube more than ten years ago and over time has grown into a strong online coffee community. In the beginning, it was only about offering content online with videos to help coffee enthusiasts make better coffee. Over the years our operation has evolved, becoming a well-known local fresh coffee roaster, expanding Coffeefusion’s educational coffee content and developing one of the best coffee subscriptions in Australia.

Barista Training Course FAQ

What is a barista course?

Coffee barista courses can come in many different formats, but generally speaking, they aim at teaching you practical skills to make better coffee and to gain a better understanding about coffee. You’ll find barista courses which are specifically designed for aspiring baristas, earning them an accredited certificate which (presumably) makes it easier to land a job in a café, while other courses are for anyone who wants to improve their coffee making skills.

Who are your Perth barista classes for?

Our Perth Barista Courses are for people who want to make better coffee at home, and people who aspire to come into the coffee industry – essentially anyone who wants to get a strong background knowledge on how to make great coffee.

How do I book a barista course?

Our coffee courses can be booked online via our website. You can also buy a voucher if your future date isn't available yet or you'd like to gift a barista course to someone else.

Do I need any coffee-making skills prior to taking your barista courses?

The Barista course Barista 101 is designed for the beginner, or someone who has made a bit of coffee but wants to improve their skills.

Will I receive a barista license upon successful completion of your barista courses?

You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of your barista course, but it is not an official barista license per se.

Are your barista courses accredited?

We do not offer an accredited barista course and we are not going to seek accreditation in the future. Most people who ask this question want to be able to say that 'I did this accredited barista course, so I'm a trained barista', most likely because they are looking for a job in the industry. The reality is that no tafe barista course will suddenly make you a trained barista where you can walk straight into a busy cafe.

What our barista courses do teach you, are the current standards for making high-quality coffee, the way that the best cafes are currently making coffee. By completing a coffee barista course conducted by us, you'll get the current information on how it's done in the industry. In the past, our barista course trainers have managed cafes and if they were hiring, they'd be looking for someone who is passionate about coffee and had taken the initiative to learn about coffee from a respected specialty coffee business.

If we saw someone mention they had something like a "Certificate IV in Hospitality" from Tafe, we'd almost assume that the information they had was out of date and they'd have to be trained again. Heaps of times in our career we've taught Baristas who did a tafe barista course, and they'd say something like "That's not what we learnt at x". We'd calmly let them show how they do it, and then show them why it is better to do it the way we teach in our barista course.

Do you offer a latte art course in Perth?

At the moment we just offer the Barista 101 course, but we may look to expand our barista courses, offering a latte art classes in the future. In order to be able to pour latte art, you need to have a solid foundation of pulling shots of espresso and texturing milk, which is what is taught in the barista training course B101. We do give a latte art demonstration in B101, and give you some resources to learn about latte art after the class.

Do you have a coffee roasting course?

Not at the moment, and not something we’re considering at this point.

How much does it cost to do a barista course?
Currently, the coffee class Barista 101 - Fundamentals of Coffee Course costs $150

How long does a barista course take?

The Barista 101 - Fundamentals course takes 3 1/2 hours, typically conducted on the weekend.