Lesson One - Heart Tutorial

In this lesson, you will learn how to pour your first latte art pattern - the heart. You will be introduced to the 'bulb' style of pouring, which is fundamental for a lot of latte art patterns. You'll also learn about concepts such as setting the crema, and how cup angles will help you pour.


Before watching, it is recommended you complete the Espresso 101 course, in particular the Pulling Great Shots and Texturing Silky Milk episodes - as without these skills, latte art will be difficult to master.


Lesson Length: ~4 mins

Lesson Difficulty: Basic to Intermediate


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Thanks so much!! This is great. I am trying to coordinate a Latte Art Competition for charity and I will share your tutorials to reach out to people who are interested in learning how to do it or just want to know how to appreciate the techniques needed.

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