Why your coffee at home doesn't taste like the one your favourite Barista makes.

Why your coffee at home doesn't taste like the one your favourite Barista makes.

Over the last few weeks, the Coronavirus Pandemic has changed routines and livelihoods of most Australians. Many people who are able to have rearranged the spare room into a makeshift home office, whilst social gathering restrictions have made it hard for many cafes to find a way to keep the doors open. Thankfully the Government has stepped up to offer support for these staff and businesses, which will hopefully see recovery for all involved once we get through this. 


In the meantime, you've probably dusted off the old cappuccino maker, or pulled your plunger out from the back of the cupboard, and you're now lamenting the fact that you didn't listen to your barista when they eagerly explained the intricacies of coffee. Never fear - here are the main things you need to know to get the most out of your coffee at home.



Your barista lovingly looks after their machine. They keep it clean, rinse out the portafilter and basket, and they also give the group head a backflush every day. Are these all foreign terms to you? Never fear - this video will help you keep your equipment clean:




It's important to understand your espresso extraction so that you can extract a balanced flavour from your beans. Your favourite barista dials in their coffee every day, and then keeps making minor adjustments to keep their extractions in check. Don't understand your grinder? Here's the video you need:



STEP 3: Silky Milk

Okay, so you've learnt about the bucket of rocks and sand, and your extraction is running well. You're well on the way to becoming a professional [home] barista. But alas, you start texturing your milk and the screeching sound could startle even the heaviest of sleepers. Remember that velvety milk you used to sip on the way into the office? It's just a few simple tricks away:



By now you're a few weeks in to this work from home situation. Your coffee is tasting better each day, but your coffee supply is looking a bit grim. Luckily we've got you sorted there too. If you're happy to sign up for a regular subscription delivery, you can get started with a free sample pack. Get 15-Cups worth of samples to try our range and discover which styles of coffee you like the most. Then let us know what you enjoyed and we'll keep the magic rolling from there. Click the banner at the top of the page to get started, or listen in to this video for more info.

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