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In recent years, the Single Origin has been the hallmark of the specialty cafe and roastery alike. As our connection to origin becomes more and more tangible, we like to showcase single origins with unique and specific flavours, championing the work done by those in far flung countries.


Don't get me wrong, this is great! I myself am excited to be able to chat with farmers, and would like nothing more than to have a direct contact with all of the farms I sell coffee from. This is the dream for me, to not only be able to do this, but to hopefully share these experiences with the Coffeefusion community.


What has taken a bit of a dive in popularity/rockstardom though is the blend. Just like a good meal, a good blend must have excellent individual components, which work together to create something even more special.


When designing a blend, a personally start off with an idea of what I want the blend to taste like. I think about flavours which might work well together, about flavours which might be seasonal at the moment, and what the blend will be predominantly used for.


After this, it's about cupping individual coffees, to find the components that you're searching for. For Click Bait, MTC Group was nice enough to send me a number of roasted samples, to cup against each other and get a feel for which coffees might work well together.


Once you have the individual components, it is a matter of working these coffees together, and playing with the percentages until the flavours are in balance with each other.


Click Bait is a seasonal Espresso Blend, designed to showcase the best of what coffee has to offer at the moment, in a blend which is balanced but provides an interesting and memorable cup profile. Whilst designed with the Espresso Machine in mind, Click Bait has been tasted through a number of alternate brew methods with similar successes.


Currently Tasting like: Milk Chocolate | Shortbread | Blueberry

Current Coffees:

Base: 40% Diomar Bambague | La Aurora | Colombia

Mid Tones: 30% Finca Buena Vista | El Anonal | El Salvador

Sweetness: 30% Wonberta Mill | Kercha | Ethiopia


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Mad Dog

Hey Gazza, Click Bait sounds yummy,!it must be pretty exciting to be able to chop, change and choose your green as you see fit!

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