I Gave Away 180kg worth of Free Coffee Samples in 2021.. Would I do it again?

I Gave Away 180kg worth of Free Coffee Samples in 2021.. Would I do it again?

Well - I think when we all started the year we were cautiously optimistic that it would be better than 2020. I think depending on where you lived in Australia you might have been right, but for others 2021 is probably a year that they're looking forward to seeing the end of.


Helping people make better coffee at home.

As a small business owner and coffee roaster, my plan was to keep doing what I do best - help people make better coffee at home. I've been doing this since 2011 with YouTube videos, and in the past five years I've been helping people further by providing my own Freshly Roasted Blends and Single Origins - mostly with my Coffee Subscription.


When people start my coffee subscription, I offer a Free 15-Cup Sample Pack. The idea behind it is pretty simple - I know I can help you make better coffee at home, and I'm not afraid to give away some free coffee samples to prove it.


I believe if you watch my coffee videos (especially the 6-Week Home Barista Bootcamp when you join), and put a little bit of effort into your morning brewing, you will succeed. I also think that if you learn how to make better coffee at home because of me, you will support my business by continuing on with the coffee subscription. If you're brewing coffee at home, you have to get your coffee beans somewhere. Why not me?

500 Free Coffee Samples

In 2021 I gave away over 500 Free Sample Packs. Right now you must be thinking - WOW! He must be killing it then! Well. I am loving my business and it has grown well this year. But unfortunately when you give away free things on the internet, not everyone is necessarily invested in your success. Shoutout to Ozbargains for that week...



Also - it was a tough year for a lot of people. I had a fairly big percentage of people sign up just as NSW/VIC lockdowns were beginning, and unfortunately a lot of these people cancelled before their first paid order mentioning their financial situation had changed.


The last tough thing about giving away Free Coffee is having to pay someone to tell people about your free coffee giveaway. The biggest expense for me in 2021 was Facebook advertising. Imagine paying $20-30 to find each person you're giving away $25 worth of Free Coffee Beans to.


It's about the mission!

The thing is though - I truly believe that in this year I have helped 100s of people make better coffee at home with my coffee, and 1000s more around the world with my videos. I know this because people send me messages, they reply to my emails, they ask questions on my YouTube videos. But mostly I know this because a lot of people keep ordering my coffee!


Making people's mornings with great coffee.

Lots of people passed their 20th/30th orders this year, a few cracked their 40th delivery, and one has even hit the 60s! And it's not even my mum, although she has always supported my passion for coffee! 


Even amongst the people who have found Coffeefusion this year, I have people hitting 10+ orders. I'm so grateful that I not only get to do what I love for a living, but get to be a part of so many people's morning routine.


Free Coffee Bean Samples in 2022?

So. Would I do it again? You bet. Not because it made me lots of money. I'm still a small business owner who's excited to maybe start paying myself a wage in 2022.


The main reason I'll continue to give out Free Samples to new subscribers is that I believe I can make a difference to your morning cup, which will make a difference to your whole day. I've been in the coffee industry my whole working life, and love everything about it.. and can't wait to share great coffees and start or continue my journey with you in 2022 and beyond.


Start our Coffee Subscription and grab your Free Sample Pack here.


Keep Frothin'



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